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Biogas Program Visited by KIVA

Kiva and MUK’s Staf

Following the biogas program from MUK, KIVA visit to MUK date 28 to 29 September 2011. KIVA is represented by, Benjamin Elbelger (Director of Strategic Initiatives), Cissy Deluca (Field Support Specialist) and Alice. This partnership continued from the writings of Anne Conlin at Kiva’s Blog which has also been published previously. Anne is a Kiva fellows who served in MUK few months ago.

Biogas Training

The first day begins with training and socialization about Biogas to all Field Officers. All FO from three branches are invited to attend this event. It is intended that all the FO have the same perception that the application of the field will be the same. Trainer for this training was delivered by I Gede Suarja, BIRU Provincial Coordinator of Bali.

The Activities

After  meeting with the Chairman and Manager of MUK, visits continued to Biogas in the third denplot users.
With the follow-up visit from KIVA, the expected cooperation MUK and KIVA will continue especially in the Green Loan program which is currently being launched by both sides.